Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc. was incorporated in late 2002. Our goal was to offer a complete custom snowboard building service, but with low volume to keep quality high and to keep the time commitment low. We started by offering custom snowboards with cap construction, molded with an adjustable vacuum setup. We changed to sidewall construction and a pneumatic press simultaneously in 2006. Over time our boards had sublimated top sheets with simple one-color graphics, clear top sheets with black logos, and wood veneer top sheets with black logos. We started producing our own cores in-house early in 2003, and purchased an old base grinder the same year, ensuring that every Monkey was produced by us from start to finish.

All of the boards sold to the public had full-length poplar cores, standard steel edges, sintered PTEX bases (black ISOSPORT 7500 or ISOHIGHSPEED), 22oz stitched triax fiberglass, and stainless steel inserts. In 2005 we added ash edge stringers and Kevlar backing to the inserts. Carbon fiber and Kevlar stringers were used on some builds to tune the flex pattern appropriately.

Happy Monkey focused primarily on one-off custom work, though in 2009 we introduced two stock models: the Gelada 168, a steeps and carving board, and the Papio 166, a dedicated powder board with 2cm of taper.

The boards were produced in Sammamish, WA until we moved production to Carnation, WA in 2007.

Happy Monkey stopped selling snowboards to the public in December, 2009. We closed down not for lack of sales or poor profits, but for solely personal reasons. We never strove for high profits, but rather just enough to keep the business running and build our capabilities every year. We mostly succeeded in that respect, though there were times when Happy Monkey needed a little extra personal investment to allow it to progress to the next level.

Here are a few pictures that represent the work we were doing in 2009: