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I have moved the snowboard construction information once again, from my blog to a dedicated wiki which is much better for this kind of information.

The wiki is here:

For an explanation of why I moved to a wiki see this post:

For how to track the wiki just like a blog, see this post:

All snowboard construction material has moved to my personal blog. This is more convenient for me to maintain, which means I’ll probably update it more often. The Snowboard Construction page has the necessary links. Subscribe to the Monkey Blog RSS Feed to keep up to date.

For the past 7 years, Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc. has offered completely custom handcrafted snowboards for sale to the public. It has been a wonderful experience building custom snowboards for new and experienced riders alike. We’ve improved our techniques and capabilities significantly over that time, and today I can honestly say that we have built some of the best snowboards in the world.

Since its inception, Happy Monkey has been a part time venture for all involved — really more a labor of love. I’ve done the vast majority of the work personally, with a lot of help from my lovely wife Helen, and input from a few good friends who’ve helped with everything from shape design, to product testing, to equipment construction, to helping me work out kinks in this or that part of the process. I’ve purposely kept the production volume low year-to-year to ensure that I can build the best quality boards while still meeting other obligations in my life.

However, I have reached the point where it is no longer reasonable for me to put in the time and effort needed to continue to produce boards for the public. Therefore, as of today we will no longer offer snowboards for sale to the public.

I will be changing this site into an educational resource for others who would like to get into building snowboards and skis, or for others who are already building and may be able to use detailed information about how we built to improve their processes. I have already started providing this information in the Snowboard Construction section. That will continue to grow and become oriented specifically towards other builders. My motivation for doing this is twofold: first, I have always enjoyed teaching others what I know. Second, and most importantly, I’ve had a long-standing dream that one day most of the snowboards and skis you see in a lift line will be made by small, local manufactures. While custom snowboards produced by Happy Monkey will no longer be part of that dream, I hope that our experience and knowledge gained over the past 7 years will enable others to be part of it.

To that end, I will be starting a small service for other builders: custom snowboard and ski base, core, and mold templates for little more than the cost of materials and shipping.

Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc. will, of course, remain for the next two years to faithfully honor the two year warranty outstanding on all boards that we have shipped this season.

This has been a hard decision, but it is the right one. I want to personally thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years.


Mike Magruder
Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc.