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From Monkey Wiki, a guide to snowboard construction
Snowboard with a wood veneer top sheet, PTEX base, 22oz triax fiberglass on either side of a poplar/ash core. Made by me in 2011 using the techniques described in this wiki.

This wiki provides information on exactly how I build snowboards so that other may learn from it. The information here is based upon my experience building boards as owner of Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc., from 2003-2010 as well as my continued personal building to this day.

This will not be a comprehensive treatment of all the different ways to accomplish these tasks, but rather just the ways that I have personally done it which work well for me. For alternatives see, where they have collected detailed how-to’s on how they and others build siks and snowboards, and host a great forum with even more information on alternatives.


Mike Magruder (a.k.a Head Monkey)


What about skis?

I've built one pair of skis, and they turned out great. You’ll find that ski and snowboard construction are amazingly similar. You can use all of the information here to build either, even though it all refers to snowboards. It’s okay :)


There are a few placeholders which I will try to get to Real Soon Now, but otherwise the articles that are here now are technically correct and up-to-date. The only exception would be articles in :Category:Not Ready. Take them with a grain of salt.