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I use an epoxy system specifically designed for ski and snowboard applications by QCM Industrial, a local company. The epoxy is designed to be flexed and resist impact at extremely low temperatures. The epoxy resin (EMV-0049) and hardener (ECA-032) are measured out and weighed to the gram, then mixed thoroughly. The boards are pressed with carefully controlled heating, on the top and bottom of the board, to cure the epoxy properly so it will develop its full properties. The manufacturer recommends a heated cure of 180F for this particular epoxy system.

Before a new batch of epoxy is used I test a 100g sample to ensure that the product performs as expected. Each batch is labeled, and the test sample is saved so that we can diagnose any potential issues with the final product later. I’ve never had to do that, but I’ll continue to be diligent anyway.

Note: I have heard recently the QCM may have stopped making epoxy for compression molding. This is unfortunate, since I used this system from 2002-2011. I will have to perform experiments with other epoxies to determine which one is a good replacement.


  • Properly mixing epoxy: measurement, two-cup mixing method, pigment to help learn to mix.
  • Epoxy safety: sensitation, fumes, ignition.