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This wiki is here to provide information on exactly how I built snowboards at Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc., so that others may learn from it. This will not be a comprehensive treatment of all the different ways to accomplish these tasks, but rather just the ways that I have personally done it that have yielded success. For alternatives to these techniques see and, where they have collected detailed how-to’s on how they and others build boards, and have extensive and active forums with even more information on alternatives.


Head Monkey


Many of the articles in this wiki aren’t done yet. I’ve copied a bunch of them over from my blog, but not the pictures yet. I’m also reorganizing them a bit, attempting to separate snowboard processes from equipment building. These are in Category:Not Ready. Take them with a grain of salt.


The following pages provide overviews of various parts of the process, with links to other pages.

  • MonkeyWiki:About – purpose of this site, how to ask questions, and how to contribute.


The following categories will help you find all articles related to a particular topic: