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So much of core construction involves the trusty router. The primary router I use on my CNC machine is a Porter Cable model 890 2 1/4hp router motor. The part number is 8902. For trimming sidewalls I use a Porter Cable Model 7301 laminate trimmer with a Model 7318 Tile Laminate Trimmer Base.

I greatly prefer bits from Amana Tool. A quality router bit really does make a big difference. They are well balanced, making the tool quieter, and yielding smoother cuts.

For cutting MDF for molds and most core cutting where a 1/4” bit is called for we use a two flute up-cut spiral carbide bit, #46102, running at 23,000rpm.

For profiling cores, I use a 1.5” two flute straight bit, #45452., running at 18,000rpm.

For placing alignment marks I use a 1/4″ v-groove bit, #45704, running at 23,000rpm.

For cutting base and nose/tail spacers, I use a 1/4″ two flute straight bit, #45208, running at 23,000rpm.

For sidewall profiling, I use a 1/4″ two flute straight bit with a top bearing running at 30,000rpm in the laminate trimmer. This is not an Amana bit… it’s an el-cheapo Home Depot bit that will be replaced with a good Amana bit when it wears out (which will be any day now by the looks of it.)