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I'm Mike Magruder, the founder of Happy Monkey Snowboards, Inc., which was from 2003-2010 a very small business where I built custom snowboards by hand. Although I have closed Happy Monkey I continue to build snowboards for myself and my close friends. I’m generally obsessed with snowboard construction, and I’m always trying to learn new ways to improve my processes, equipment, and final result.

You can contact me directly via email at monkeywiki1 at this domain, or via private message to Head Monkey in the forum at


I have no formal background in anything that would be helpful manufacturing snowboards or running a snowboard business. Everything I know about snowboard construction, woodworking, CNC, or machining I learned by trial and error, talking with other builders, and the odd course or two on machining at a local technical college.

My formal education is in computer science. I hold a MS in CS from George Mason University. I’ve worked at a variety of different software companies since 1989. I currently work at Facebook. Previously I've worked at Microsoft (on the Common Language Runtime, SQL Server, and Bing) and at various other small software companies before that.

I live near Carnation, WA, with my wife Helen and our cat.