Wet layup

Wet layup

Raw Notes #

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  • Start with how I do wet layup for a snowboard.
  • Make a full video of layup.
  • Prep (see checklist), dry run, marking materials for fit, etc.
    • Dry layup first!! Focus on alignment of all pieces, anything that interferes with your cassette system or vacuum hookups, etc.
  • Spreaders
  • Wetting glass
  • Amount to use in different areas
  • Wetting base and edge tines, rubber, placing rubber.
  • Placing the first layer of glass, adding more in dry places, ensuring an even spread and not leaving large pools of epoxy between layers.
  • Inserts and Kevlar, placing the core, maintaining core alignment.
  • Placing auxiliary reinforcements.
  • Placing the second layer of glass.
  • Placing the topsheet.
  • Closing the cassette and ensuring things stay in alignment during insertion.
  • Cleanup.

Resources on wet layup in general: articles online, etc.

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