snoCAD-X is an open source CAD program for designing skis and snowboards. It was written by Dan Graf of Graf Snowboards in 2007 and has been widely used since then. In 2014 it was open sourced on GitHub in order to allow the greater ski and snowboard building community to carry it forward.

snoCAD-X is published on Github at See the snoCAD-X User’s Guide for an overview of how to use and configure snoCAD-X.

See the Releases page for the current release, which includes release notes and links to download binaries. Simply download the zip and double-click snoCAD-x.jar to launch the app on any platform with Java installed. See the release notes for more details.

snoCAD-X has no CAM features, so you’ll need to export your designs as a DXF and import that into a CAM package to cut parts with a CNC. You can also print your designs full-scale and use those to cut pieces by hand, which is a great way to get started.

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